Book Of Perro

[ December 15 ]

We're keeping the music alive this winter with our weekly line-up.

Mondays, Julio Amaro plays Classical Guitar

Wednesdays, The Z Boys

Thursdays, The Honky Tonk Knights

And keep an eye out for Saturday music, TBD!

[ December 15 ]

Join us the day after Christmas for music with Mark and Harry Milloff!  This father and son duo are

the Kokovoko Cannibal Ramblers, the original incarnation of a band we love so much! 

[ November 21 ]

We'll be kicking off our winter sunday music series on December first with the return of Vudu Sister!

Stat tuned for a full line up!

[ July 28 ]

We are very excited to welcome Coyote Kolb to Perro Salado.  We've never seen them before but cannot wait!  They're rootsy, bluesy and just sound pretty darn cool.  We hear there is a drum kit fashioned from a suitcase, sounds like a band after our own "MacGyver" heart.  Come on down, sure to be a good time...

[ July 8 ]

The Birch Benders are back for their annual appearance here at Perro Salado, and they are the real deal Bluegrass!
We met them a few years back in Massachusetts, they were playing at a friends wedding, we've loved them ever since!
They've got that ol'timey feel and pick like bluegrass angels, we cant wait!  Check them out at
The video above is them playing with Hot Mustard, sister band.

[ May 3 ]

Throttles Wednesday nights at Perro Salado!  The Throttles are a surf/jazz trio inspired by the likes of Girl Haggard, Wicked Whiskey, Castle (the band), Tom Waits, Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, MEGASUS, the 201, the Plough and Stars...


[ April 26 ]

Thursday nights are HTK nights at Perro! The Honky Tonk Knights (HTK) cover the best of classic honktonk style country blues tunes, Gram Parsons, Cash and Fifties Rockabilly. The HTK also have been performing tunes from the 1997 record "Bigger Shoes" featuring original songs by Steve Cerilli...


[ September 19 ]

Los Viejos Muchachos playing tonight at Perro Salado. Come and enjoy the patio while the weather is still good!  In case you're new to Perro nightlife, Julio Amaro and Steve Cerilli perform as “Los Viejos Muchachos” - an acoustic guitar duo featuring music from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands, Spain, Brazil, and incorporating Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz and Bossa nova tunes to their repertoire. Follow these old guys on Facebook.

[ March 15 ]

Gracias, Julio, for this clip!